About Us



Cognilements was founded by Samudragupta Talukdar in the year 2018 as a Business Consultancy Firm to drive “growth” and “vision” of various businesses. The idea of Cognilements was to bring the best of the corporate world to the MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) and Corporate entities to drive their numbers. This would also include various strategies to take care of a major component called “Total Cost of Ownership”.



In the year May 2020 we got our first Customer “Bramhacorp Ltd.” for our Digital Presence Solution, a deal cracked during lockdown with the help of video conferencing solutions. The icing on the cake was to enable the sales team with a jaw dropping dashboard of behavioural analytics to boost sales.

The idea was witnessed by many in the space of real estate and “MoLTE” as a concept ended up gaining traction with the other industries like Automobile, Events, Tourism, Manufacturing, Education, etc.The focus was purely on immersive experiences powered with rational process mapping.



Our ideology was that of aggressive consultants who focus on driving businesses instead of saving deltas on various business components, what we even call as cost cutting. While we were focussing on growth, we found out “Customer Experience” in India was a bigger challenge in the growth journey and thus to understand and address it better we got our first project from Maharashtra’s largest transport company i.e. “Prasanna Purple Pvt. Ltd.”

Since then we have been focusing on the aspect of delivering better “Customer Experience” and it started as a service. While we innovated the process, it was time to test our concept to the next level of interactions and thus “TechnoFox” happened. TechnoFox was the World’s First Virtual Reality Expo for the Pune Real Estate Market which was powered by ICICI Bank and Rebel Foods.


Events & Platforms

The Events & Activations and Exhibition Industry’s dire need to market their offerings was the need of the hour and it allowed us to build another platform of ours “ImmersiVin” - A platform to deliver events and exhibitions for any industry.

With “ImmersiVin”, We launched our second Brand IP (Intellectual Property) of the year “Avnir” - A 360 Virtual Property Expo for the Bangalore Real Estate Market and with 15+ projects from premium Real Estate Developers in the event, it was a different experience for the world.

While we were busy making our platforms robust and unique, we realised that we were conferred with the “Numero Uno Startup” in the space of Startups by the “CIIE” - Center for Innovation, Incubation and Enterprise; a specialised department of SPPU (SavitriBai Phule Pune University) to support and scale up start-ups. Today, with Pune University’s support and guidance we have an office space in the Research Park Foundation of Pune University.

Cognilements in the meantime grew from an 8-member team pre-pandemic to an army of 30+ individuals and we are proud to say that the average age of the company is around 27 years. The year 2020 was a surprising year for us where it pushed us to our limits and delivered the best in the space of technology.

2021 comes with lots of hope and belief to expand our managed platform deliverables to a Pure Platform driven SaaS (Software As A Service) based product company.



The success of the expo pushed us to think beyond a service company to a platform based organization, which focuses on “How to make better Customer Experiences'' and incidentally our initial Research on coined terminology “MoLTE” started. MoLTe, Marketing over Long Term Evolution speaks about the volume of need of experiences. To boost sales and businesses, we focused on building experiences with our minimalistic product Matchbox (An internal name) - [Positively, Jo Aag Laga De]. The Matchbox as an offering got deployed in various segments of Real Estate Projects to monitor their Sales and Marketing action items and to scale up the growth. And the scale was a new phenomenon, the discovery proved a savings of 43.5% on marketing spent for one of our Realty clients from Pune.

And this led to the birth of DPS (Digital Presence Solutions), an integrated process-driven, one stop solution focusing on all the components of “Lead Generation” to “Deal Conversion”. DPS is a managed platform of Cognilements to deliver an end-to-end solution for selling high end products and value propositions digitally. Majorly the platform was built to reduce the “Time to Revenue” for “Phigital” (Physical + Digital) Sales.

With the pandemic at the doorstep, our rationale to include components like peer to peer video conferencing propositions and “Guided Demo Tours” were boosted to upscale “Business Continuity Plan (BCP)” for many Organizations.